Hearing Health

Comprehensive Hearing Care in MD offices nationwide.

  • Screening and comprehensive exams for every patient, every year. No charge.
  • Clinical staff (Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists)
  • State-of-the-art testing equipment and clinical protocols
  • World-class hearing technology


Our programs are designed to be simple and effortless

  • Minimal cost, risk and effect on workflow
  • Maximum impact on patient care and bottom line
  • Perform a 30-second routine screening on all adult patients
  • Schedule a follow-up exam for patients who fail the screening
  • We do the rest

A fully-integrated clinical service at your practice. Your patients will thank you.


Arthritis, hypertension and hearing loss are the 3 most common chronic medical problems in the world.


Hearing loss is heavily concentrated in the 55+ patient population.


90% of all cases are irreversible. Hearing aids are the only effective treatment.


Patients cite “the recommendation of my physician” as the most powerful influence on decisions to be tested and treated for hearing loss.